What would it take to make us truly thankful?

What would it take to make us truly thankful? How much would we have to have until we would say we had enough? One of the surprising things I have learned working with the homeless is how big little things seem to them and how little it takes to move them to thankfulness. One day recently at the Bridge--unplanned and unrehearsed--a group of homeless people came to the front and began to sing. I could not hold back the tears.



Sometimes all it takes is a small seed of hope to break the cycle of homelessness. Through our “Meet Me at the Bridge” outreach, we serve meals, provide clothes, shoes, blankets and other resources to homeless people in our community.  


Additionally, we go deeper into these communities, providing not only food and resources but helping others in their time of need. We work with people on an individual level because every story is different…reconnecting them with their family, providing them with opportunities, and helping them become productive members of society. We want people to know that it’s never too late to Start Over!

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