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Lee: "I'm a changed man!"

Meet Lee. His father, a well-known drug dealer, was shot and killed when Lee was only seven years old. He was raised in the projects where he and his siblings witnessed violence, drugs, fighting and beatings on a regular basis. Lee learned how to survive in tough situations. He began living on the streets early in life. He hung out with a rough crowd and landed in jail several times.

One day his brother told him about a preacher-man that was giving out free food and clothes. So he went with his brother to a Bridge meeting to check it out. It was there that Lee learned about our Savior, Jesus. After a few meetings, he asked Jesus to come into his heart and be Lord of his life. Lee's life had new meaning. Lee had hope, and for the first time in his life, Lee found true joy.

He faithfully continued attending meetings at the Bridge, as well as Bible Studies in the park. He met with Pastor David for coffee, to eat, and to walk the streets with him. Today, Lee is a changed man. He is clean from drugs and alcohol, openly professes Jesus as His Savior and is trying to be a good example and witness to friends and to strangers. God delivered him and has truly changed his life! Lee says that had he not learned about Jesus at the Bridge, he would not be a free man today. He is thankful to God and gives Him all the praise!

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