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Felix sharing his faith . . .

So I’m on the streets of Durham this morning sharing Christ with as many people as I can and I run into a guy who is doing the same thing. I know this guy and so do some of you. In fact, some of you have prayed for Felix to grow in his faith and walk with God. 

When I met Felix a few weeks ago, he was very drunk and not on his best behavior. I sat and shared with him, cried with him, and prayed with him and knew that God has touched his life. I have followed up with numerous meetings with Felix and the growth I am seeing in his spiritual life is amazing. God is already beginning to use him to spread the good news on the streets.

This morning, Felix asked if he could introduce me to some of his friends. I spent about an hour with him, meeting and sharing with more than half a dozen men and women who are ripe and ready for the gospel. This is almost too easy!

"So," I asked Felix, "What are you telling your friends about what God is doing in your life?" He says it better than I can . . .

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